Here at Office of Alumni Services we strive to provide the best service we can for both alums worldwide as well as various departments on main campus at Andrews University. On this page we have outlined some of the more common services we provide to departments and various internal parties along with some expectations and guidelines.

Direct Email / Mail Communication

Reach your constituents quickly and effectively!

One of the most common needs that departments have is to communicate with their constituents. We provide an easy to use and effective way to do that through rich html emails and facilitation of address labels for physical mailings.  If you are looking to communicate with your department’s constituents, please click the link below for more info and to get started.

Global Alumni Newsletters

90,000+ alums within reach!

We also communicate with our global alumni base via systematic newsletters which we send out on behalf of the University and the entire Alumni Association. If you’d like some content from your department, event or cause to be considered to be included please click the link below to learn more and to get started.

View some of our samples below

The samples above represent emails that are sent out via our email system. Depending on your need and purpose we will customize an email to reflect the Andrews brand.

View some of our samples below

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