Class of 2020 Gift & Philanthropy Medallion

The Class of 2020 is proud to donate funds for bleachers in the Recreation Center of the newly constructed Andreasen Wellness Center.

The Recreation Center is home to three multipurpose sports courts, a full-size basketball court, locker rooms, and an athletic office suite and training room. As the Andreasen Wellness Center continues to develop its athletic environment, the bleachers play a key role in providing needed seating for games, activities, and assemblies. The fundraiser is a collaboration of the Class of 2020 and the Office of Development. We hope that this addition will help in creating an environment for good cheer at events.

Class of 2020 graduates who donate $20.20 or more towards the Recreation Center will be given a Philanthropy Medallion that can be worn as a part of their graduation regalia.

IMPORTANT: When logging into the giving portal, use your username instead of your email. Example: jsmith instead of

Senior Class President Esther Meza & Graduate Student Association President Kenneth Choi

The purpose of the medallion is to commemorate the philanthropic gifts by our graduating students, providing them with a token of appreciation for their contribution toward their class gift that they can wear at graduation. Please note that only an individual who donates toward the senior class gift is eligible to receive the philanthropy medallion. The medallion is not available for purchase, nor may it be obtained in bulk by clubs or other entities. 

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