Alumni BBQ & Mentoring Sample Questions

  1. What were your hopes, expectations, and plans when you came to Andrews as a student?
  2. What part did you play, and what part did Andrews University play in your development during your college years?
  3. Who were your significant mentors when you were in college Did you choose them or did they choose you?
  4. What do you wish you would have done differently during your education at Andrews?
  5. What stands out in your mind as the highlights of your experience as a student at Andrews?
  6. At this point in your work world, what are the things from your Andrews experience that prepared you well? What do you still lack?
  7. Describe the things that prompted your spiritual growth while you were at Andrews. How does that impact you now?
  8. Did Andrews “spoon feed” you or did Andrews teach you how to feed yourself? Explain.
  9. If you had to limit yourself to 3 tips to give to in-coming freshman, what would those 3 tips be?
  10. Some people say that the friends you make at college are the friends you will have for life. How true have you found this to be?
  11. The AU mission statement is “Seek Knowledge, Affirm Faith, Change the World.” Please comment.
  12. What’s something you didn’t appreciate at Andrews, but later found it to be highly valuable?
  13. Mind, Body, Spirit summarizes what Andrews is about. Prioritize these based on 1) Your AU experience 2) Your work world 3) Your values.
  14. What are things you hardly utilized while you were at Andrews? What do you wish you would have utilized more?
  15. If you were starting as a freshman at Andrews this year, what would you want to know? What should you want to know?
  16. How does the cultural diversity at Andrews prepare a person for life after Andrews?
  17. How did the religious environment at Andrews prepare you (or not prepare you) for your work environment.
  18. What did you learn about finances while you were a student at Andrews? How does that affect you now?
  19. How did you grow spiritually at Andrews while you were growing mentally? Describe your spiritual growth now.
  20. What is a question you wish new freshman at Andrews would ask you?

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