Angela Canada Hopkins was born and raised in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Between 1997 and 2001 Angela earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Andrews University.

In 2003, Angela and her husband James moved to Chicago, Illinois. She worked as a florist and product designer while James attended law school. She also continued focusing on fine art by exhibiting
in galleries and alternative spaces while she lived in Chicago. After losing her father to cancer in her last year of art school, the bittersweet and therapeutic irony began to spill out onto the canvas. She visually deconstructs the cancer cell and re-builds them with a vibrant triumphal message of hope.

In 2006, after tiring of the anonymity and loneliness of a metropolis, Angela and James settled in Loveland, Colorado. This change created the opportunity for Angela to focus solely on fine art.

She currently is dedicated full-time to creating new works of art in her downtown studio. View more of her work at

Homecoming 2014 Commissioned Work

Note on this commissioned work: Unlike much of her work, the organic cell-like shapes are not “cancer cells.” The artist is building on past work and has referenced the broad spectrum of the micro-cosmic world.

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