• Chattanooga Regional Event
     March 22, 2020
     11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Please note, due to the Covid-19 situation. We have received guidance from our administration to cancel this event. We will be contacting those that registered with the update. We will advise you when we are able to reschedule. 


You and your family are invited to join us for a regional event in your area. Don’t miss this great opportunity to have a lovely meal and network with fellow alumni and friends. You will also see photos and hear current news from campus, and meet our president! All complimentary of the Andrews University Alumni Association.

Help spread the word—invite fellow alumni and friends to join us.

Note: This event is also open to prospective students and their families.


Click on a plus sign next to “View List of Attendees” below.

  •  Kurt Allen
  •  Clinton Anderson
  •  Travis Bowman
  •  Clay Breakie
  •  Jared Bruckner
  •  Philip Chen
  •  Bridget Childers
  •  Justin Jr. Childers
  •  Justin Sr Childers
  •  Ramon Chow
  •  Steve & Joni Darmody
  •  Elaine Dodd
  •  Luz Earp
  •  Marcia Ebanks
  •  amber ennis
  •  Catherine and Joseph Farkas
  •  Pablo Fernandez
  •  Don Gettys
  •  Gordon Hayward
  •  Mary Jane Heilman
  •  Morris Hilton
  •  Rollin Hixson
  •  Glenda Hubbell
  •  Mara Iznaga
  •  Barbara Keyes
  •  John Keyes
  •  Patricia Kuhlman
  •  Faith Laughlin
  •  Duane Lemon
  •  John and Sandy Lindquist
  •  Jocelyn Loza
  •  Michell Mayorga
  •  Larry Milliken
  •  Robert Mulkern
  •  Shirley Mulkern
  •  jack and janice parker
  •  Howard Pires
  •  Karon Powell
  •  Paula Powers
  •  William Prictor
  •  Juan Sandoval
  •  Mark Sargeant
  •  Karina Savelio
  •  Arthur Schumach
  •  Shawn Schwarz
  •  Buz and Marge Schwitzgoebel
  •  Dana Serban
  •  Marilee Silverstein
  •  Karen Simpson
  •  Keith Snyder
  •  Verlyne and Wayne Starr
  •  Jeanette Stepanske
  •  Shahira Stubbs
  •  Zachariah Swerdlow
  •  Brenda Thoresen
  •  Lila Tidwell
  •  David Turner
  •  William Warcholik
  •  Raven White
  •  Ralph Williams
  •  Herbert Wrate
  •  Charles & Joyce (Gershon) Young
  •  charles zuill


Two Carter Plaza, Chattanooga, Tennessee, 37402, United States

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