A major part of the history and tradition of almost every educational institution is the giving of a gift by the graduating senior class. In keeping with this tradition we are now maintaining and updating this listing of gifts given to Andrews from as far back as 1895. Go ahead and check it out. If you have information on any of the class gifts listed unknown, please let us know of the item.

Gift Given
1895 Lux et Veritas Rock
1914 Desk for the (1903) Chapel rostrum
1915 Clock in the chapel
1916 Partial cost of a grand piano
1917 $600 to inaugurate a student loan fund
1918 Lighted pillars at campus entrance by Green Gables
1919 Sun Dial placed south of Birch Hall
1920 $300 donated to overseas missions
1921 Ceiling lights in the Chapel
1922 Cement Walk (Birch to Burman)
1923 Registrar office safe
1924 Sidewalk (front of 1903 Administration Building)
1925 $500 to the Alumni Association
1926 Sidewalks (Birch to Administration & in front of 1925 Chapel)
1927 Sidewalk (Birch to Interurban station)
1928 $200 to missions; Chapel pulpit; sidewalk to store
1929 Sidewalk (north of Administration to Normal Training school)
1930 Side Drapes for Chapel stage
1931 Science Hall/entrance doors
1932 Drinking fountain in Science Hall
1933 Enlargement of Chapel platform
1934 Stone slab at cashier’s window
1935 Carpet in Chapel aisles
1936 Post lamps from Administration to Birch
1937 Chapel flood lights and controls
1938 More campus post lamps
1939 Band capes
1940 Large picture in the Library
1941 Organ clarion in belltower of Administration (Nethery)
1942 Entrance doors for the Administration Building
1943 Bulletin Board on second floor of the Administration Building
1944 Drapes for the Small Auditorium in Administration
1945 Piano for the Small Auditorium
1946 Pulpit and chairs for the Small Auditorium
1947 Record Player for the Dining Room (in Birch basement)
1948 Library books for Middle East College
1949 Carpeting for the Chapel
1950 EMC signs at the avenue entrances on Highway #31
1951 Double Dutch oven in the picnic area
1952 Pulpit for PMC
1953 Church rostrum furniture
1954 $500 Donation to the Church Building Fund
1955 Two-faced clock in Administration (Nethery)
1956 Money to erect an (anticipated) outdoor Bulletin for the Church
1957 EMC directional Sign on Red Arrow Highway south of Bridgman
1958 Monetary contribution toward a copy machine for student use the in the library
1959 Drinking fountain located in Administration cyclorma (Nethery)
1960 Two clocks for the student lounge in the Campus Health Center
1961 Lobby furniture for Administration (Nethery)
1962 Furniture and rubber plant for Administration (Nethery)
1963 Money for Guest Room Furniture in Campus Health Center
1964 (May) Money for Michigan Historical Marker on University Blvd. (August) James White portrait for Library
1965 (May) Two clocks in the Cafeteria Dining Room; small fund of $13.00 for scholarship (August) $155 to be used for direction signs for traffic circle
1966 Modern Sculpture piece from Notre Dame artist. Located between old & new Adminstration building
1967 May) Redwood Benches near the Modern Sculpture (August) Furniture for typing room in Library Building
1968 Water Fountain in front of Campus Health Center
1969 Money for Seal in the floor of (anticipated) Science Complex, Redwood benches for College Quadrangle, and Brass citation plaque for Weniger picture and help with picture itself
1970 Unknown
1971 Neon Sidewalk or Flagwalk
1972 A pulpit for Pine Forge Academy ($254); $360 to Ethiopia for Scholarships
1973 Unknown
1974 Flagwalk
1975 Unknown
1976 Proposed Scholarships
1977 Cash gift to Sekolah Lanjutan Adventist Academy, Timor, Indonesia (Ken Colburn)
1978 Contribution to Electron Microscope
1979 Money donated to Haiti School Project $416.38
1980 Unknown
1981 $5.00 donated by each student of graduating class given to Campaign for Building
1982 Endowed Scholarship Fund $10,000
1983 Endowed Scholarship Fund $2,769.21
1984 Endowed Scholarship Fund $2,061.00
1985 Initial moves toward the Lamson Hall Health Fitness Center
1986 Completion of Lamson Hall Health Fitness Center
1987 Money donated for the Rebirth of Beaver Point
1988 Class Endowment Fund
1989 Unknown
1990 Benches for Campus
1991 Sand Volleyball Court
1992 Automatic Door Openers for Burman/Student Center
1993 Upgraded PA system in gymnasium
1994 Treadmill for Meier Hall Health Club
1995 Unknown
1996 Money toward gazebo for rock garden area
1997 Unknown
1998 Trees and benches for campus arboretum
1999 Campus Clock
2000 “Beyond 2000” Endowment, with Class of ’75
2001 Bench for the Patio outside the student center
2002 Inscribed bricks for the walkway of Howard Performing Arts Center
2003 Unknown
2004 Campus Clock
2005 Rock Garden Restoration
2006 Unknown
2007 Unknown
2008 Unknown
2009 Unknown
2010 Four lampposts outside of the Campus Center
2011 Two sets of Chelmsford tables and chairs and three Meridian benches for the patio area between Nethery Hall and Buller Hall
2012 Donation to assist with funding for the building of the new Health and Wellness Center
2013 Prayer wall to the Campus Ministries office
2014 Meditation garden in front of the Administration Building
2015 Replaced the large Andrews University flagpole that was damaged because of high winds earlier that year
2016 Water filtration system with water bottle filling station in Johnson Gymnasium
2017 Water filtration system with water bottle filling stations in both the upstairs and basement levels of the James White Library
2018 Outdoor lighting and electrical charging outlets outside the Campus Center patio area

If you have information on any of the class gifts listed unknown,
please let us know of the item.

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